We offer a comprehensive range of allergy tests to identify allergies in children and adults. Our paediatric doctors also do allergy tests in babies and children.

Allergy tests are painless and usually, don’t cause any discomfort. Some can be done by one of our doctors during a consultation, while others need to be sent away to a laboratory.

What does allergy testing check for?

Specialist consultants can test for a selection of more than 600 allergens including food & aeroallergens (mould, pollen, pet dander, house dust mites and foods including peanut allergy, pet allergy, milk allergy).

Consultants can also test for gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance by genetic tests when these tests are indicated.

We also offer advice and treatment as well as testing and treatment for hay fever and asthma, skin problems including rashes and swellings, immune conditions, frequent illnesses, frequent herpes – cold sores, chronic tiredness and fatigue related to infection and immunity.