Insured Patients

We welcome patients from all health insurers for adult and children’s private healthcare.

To access our extensive range of services, follow 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Contact your health insurer and confirm that your particular condition is covered.

Step 2

Visit your GP.   Your GP will write a referral letter to the consultant you wish to see (click here) or if you can’t see a named consultant, your GP can refer you to us for the speciality e.g. Urology or Gynaecology and we will find the most appropriate consultant for you. Remember to tell your GP you have private medical insurance and you wish to use it at Bridges Clinic, Bedford Hospital.

Step 3

Initial consultation. Your consultant will advise you of the treatment plan, for example, if a procedure is required. Call your health insurer back who will authorise your treatment and provide you with an authorisation code.

Step 4

At Bridges Clinic, our specialists have their bill paid directly by your insurance provider. In some cases the specialist will send you the invoice, all you need to do is send it to your insurance company who will settle the payment.

Book Consultation

You can book your consultation anytime by calling our friendly Private Patient Team on 01234 792000.

Please remember to bring your referral letter with you to your initial appointment or ask your GP to email it to our secure email for referrals or fax it to 01234 795700.

Not Insured?

If you do not have private health insurance – we welcome self-funding patients and offer affordable access to our consultants and care.  Please contact us for information.