Breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in the UK and has changed the lives of many women, increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Breast augmentation is often a subtle change, boosting the contours of your body by adding volume and curves.  Breast enlargement (or breast augmentation) usually involves putting an artificial implant either under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle behind the breast.

Choosing a breast enlargement is a very personal decision. Some women wish to restore volume and firmness to their breasts after weight loss, pregnancy or a previous surgical procedure like a mastectomy. Others may you wish to boost their confidence in their appearance and when wearing certain clothes.

If you believe that breast augmentation might be the procedure for you then book a consultation and we will discuss with you:

  • The results you are hoping to see.
  • Your current situation.
  • The procedure and what to expect during surgery.
  • The recovery process.

What happens before breast augmentation?

Before the breast augmentation procedure, you will meet with a consultant who will talk to you about the shape and the size you would like for your breasts. You will gain an understanding of the various implants that we offer and the advantages and disadvantages to each type, enabling you to decide which you would prefer. Rest assured, we only offer implants from high quality suppliers and all come with lifetime warranties.

Will my breasts be noticeably bigger?

The results of your breast enlargement will be agreed between you and your surgeon during the consultation process so that you have clear expectations. Remember that in the first few weeks following surgery there will be some swelling, but as your breasts heal they will drop into a more natural position and feel softer. This is when you will be able to see the true effects of your surgery.

What actually happens during the operation?

During the breast augmentation operation your surgeon will insert the implants of your choice into your body through a small incision beneath each breast, usually in the natural crease of your body. This will be performed under general anaesthetic so you will be asleep the entire time. The incisions will then be stitched and dressed.

What should I expect after surgery?

Expect to stay overnight in the hospital and for there to be a certain degree of swelling and/or bruising. You will be prescribed medication to help with the soreness and it is recommended you give yourself at least a week off work to recuperate.

It is important to give your body a rest from any physical exertion, especially heavy lifting during the first few weeks as your skin adjusts to the new shape of your breasts. You will be given a special, fitted bra to wear to give you the necessary, extra support.

Will I have much scarring?

There will be scars from where your surgeon creates the incisions but these will be positioned to align with the natural crease of your body. As they are underneath the breasts, you will not be able to see them in low-cut tops, bras or bikini tops.