There are over fifty operations described for bunions. Each has its own indications and contra-indications. Most involve a period of time in a plaster cast.

Broadly speaking they fall into several categories:

  • Simply removing the bony lump
  • Removing the lump and straightening the toe
  • Cutting the bones to straighten the toe. This often involves plates/screws to hold the bones in place while they are knitting together
  • Fusing the joint at the base of the toe in an appropriate position. This takes away the pain of a destroyed joint but limits toe movement
  • Excision of the painful joint.
  • Joint replacement

Surgery for bunions is only recommended for painful feet. The deformity itself is not an indication for surgery. When surgery is required, your consultant will discuss the options with you in detail, and the reasons for choosing one particular operation in your case will be explained.

As with bunion surgery, there are several types of operation decsribed for different deformities of the lesser toes. It is important that the surgery be tailored to your particular problem. Once again, the decisions will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation.