Why do we offer cardiac screening to children & teenagers involved in sport?

Many European countries routinely screen everyone between 12-35 years who are involved in competitive sports because:

  • Up to 100 young people die each year owing to sudden death syndrome
  • Undiagnosed cardiac conditions are the major cause of these deaths
  • Early detection of cardiovascular problems reduce morbidity and mortality through individualised and evidence-driven disease-specific management

What is involved in the screening?

Appointments are with a paediatric consultant and usually take around 30 minutes including:

  • History and examination
  • Blood pressure
  • Oxygen saturations (Oxygen levels in your body)
  • ECG (record of electrical signals from heart)
  • Echocardiography (ultrasound scan of heart)

What will you be told at the screening?

The doctor will explain the findings of the screening to you and your family and what this means for your participation in sport.  If all results are normal you will be sent a letter containing all the details with a copy also sent to your GP.  If any abnormality is picked up you will be advised about further tests, referrals and treatment available.

Package Price for Self-Pay

We offer a package price for a consultant led cardiac screening for young athletes


Please contact us on 01234 792000 to make an appointment