Excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a clinical condition that can have an impact in patients’ quality of life. Sweating, from the hands, feet, underarm and facial blushing can cause embarrassment and withdrawal from social commitments.

Several conservative methods are currently available to relief from symptoms but many patients have found that they still suffer from excessive sweating. These patients do not have more sweat glands than others – they have an oversensitive reaction caused by the sympathetic nerve. Following a careful consultation with the surgeons and a thorough and detailed medical history, surgery can be a beneficial option for patients with hyperhidrosis with immediate relief from symptoms.

ETS (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathotomy) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure (keyhole) that involves cutting the responsible sympathetic nerve for the sweat reaction. Depending the type and location of excessive sweating the sympathetic nerve is cut in specific places improving effectiveness and reducing any complications, including compensatory sweating.

ETS is performed as keyhole surgery. Two tiny incisions (5mm each) are performed in the underarm area and the patient following the procedure can go home the same or the following day. The effect of surgery is immediately visible and in most of cases the level of satisfaction reaches 100%.

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