Benign skin lesions are extremely common. Generally they are characterised as a lump of varying sizes either on the surface or below the surface of the skin. They are harmless and do not necessarily need to be removed. However, some people might want to remove then for aesthetic reasons or if they are in an uncomfortable place on the body.

Epidermoid cysts, lipomata, moles and skin tags are a few examples of benign skin lesions.

The process of removing skin lesions

Surgery is the most reliable method of effectively removing benign skin lesions. Most of these sorts of procedures are quick and straightforward, taking around 20 minutes. A local anaesthetic is likely to be administered to numb the immediate area for surgery, before the skin lesion is removed.

Recovery time

After the removal of a benign skin lesion, it is likely you will be able to go home whenever you feel able and return to work the following day. Be aware if you have had a procedure which involves stitches that you need to refrain from physical activity that could damage them.