Both men and woman can request to have chin refinement surgery if they feel their chin is too large, too small, or generally out of proportion with the rest of their facial profile. Sometimes a person will consider nose reshaping if they are unhappy with the profile of their face, but it may be that it is actually the profile of the chin that is causing the disproportion. it is always advisable to have discussion with a consultant on the right procedure for your desired final results.

Chin refinement surgery can be carried out to either increase or decrease the size of the chin. Mentoplasty is the name of the procedure for increasing the size of the chin and it works by inserting an implant into the chin area, thus bulking it out and creating a more flattering profile. There are a number of chin reduction procedures, each dependent on the amount of reduction required. Some of the more minimal techniques available involve removing some of the excess tissue in the chin area or a small bone reduction; some of the more complex and substantial procedures available include increased bone reduction and bone resetting. You will be advised on the best procedure for you by your consultant.


The procedure itself is usually undertaken with the patient under general anaesthetic as well as an overnight stay in the hospital, due to the location and delicacy of the operation. Incisions are made inside the mouth, allowing the surgeon to remove some of the bone, re-position the chin point or insert the chosen implant.


It may be that you experience some swelling and need to take time off work in the initial period after the surgery.